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What you need to know at a fuel dock!!!

If might seem obvious but we both have seen others and have been guilty ourselves of just arriving at a dock and then finding out the difficult truth.

Fuel docks come in many different shapes and sizes and are aimed at many different types of boats so its very important to do your research and if possible call the dock to get some answers.

The things we have found out are essential:

Depth: We have been into too many docks that are designed for smaller boats and depth has been a real problem. Do call, the only time we have come close to running aground was in a Fuel dock that didn’t have enough depth (its draft was only 1m).

Entrance and Exit: Quite often fuel docks are slotted into spaces in the marina that are otherwise not very useful because of their depth or rocks and the approach has to be along a careful lines to avoid something going bang.

Height of dock: This might seem odd, but we have been at docks that were only 6″ above the water level, quite a problem for a boat with nearly 6′ of freeboard and also at docks that were 8′ high and not solid sided making fender placement a real trick.

Length of Fuel hoses: We have been in to too many docks where to fill both tanks, one each side of the fat arse girl, we had to depart the dock, turn around and come back on from the other side. Check and also where you should be as most docks can reach both sides, but only if you have your stern exactly in the right place.

Know what you are getting yourself into…. Fuel docks are not safe places for larger yachts always, and in our experience perhaps usually.

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