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HOWTO sail a catamaran I guess is the main thrust of the DailyWave 
Or perhaps HOWTO cruise on a sailboat.

The DailyWave is daily posts of practical learning from newly minted sailors that poured all their money into a Catamaran, refitted her completely for liveaboard doing almost all the work themselves, building Lithium batteries, solar, washing machines, water makers, radar etc. etc. and then setting out on the adventure of their lives first across the Mediterranean and eventually across the atlantic.

The learnings have been massive and in particular there are 101 little things that are just not talked about by other bloggers or part of sailing courses, they only come from actually doing, stubbing that toe and finding a better way through it all.

The dailyWave are daily posts entitled “What I learned today” that are small , snack size and packed with real world helpful information for the budding sailor, catamaran cruiser or liveaboard who is hungry for solutions and to learn more about their potential future lives.

From money to reefing sails, anchoring, electronics, safety tips, and dum stuff we should not be getting wrong but lots of us do, like anchoring or tacking…. been round in circle anyone? :-).

You can subscribe just to the Dailywave if you only want these snackable titbits of wisdom or of course to the full Blog where our travels are put to music and are a much more saturday afternoon entertaining read 

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