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Atlantic Crossing Crew:

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So the crew taking Waiata across the Atlantic is a small affair of just three people. But they are all well experienced now, although all of them would probably argue they are not. I’ll let you judge for yourself.

The Captain

Greg’s the Captain of Waiata and although he’s quick to point out he’s still learning and hadn’t sailed at all before buying Waiata, this doesn’t mean he’s not experienced.

I think, If I add up the distance Waiata has covered since Greg and Connie bought her, it totals over 8000Nm (Nearly 15000Km) and has included severe thunderstorm, sea states and dozen of countries.

Seems a little experienced now 🙂

We have had to break out our wet weather gear, as we head west to exit the Med.

The Admiral

Connie, the “Admiral”. As Connie says, a captain has a boat, an Admiral has a fleet and as they have a dinghy and a couple of paddle boards, She’s definitely the Admiral.

Having sailed just about every mile with Greg alone, just the two of them, there is no way Connie can claim to be a new sailor anymore.

8000+Nm, Every sea condition, she’s even gone to sleep in severe thunderstorms and waterspouts!!! Sorted I think.

First Mate

Nick is their son and has been training and sailing on racing boats as crew for the last year or two.

He’s just recently completed the “Coastal Classic” race from Auckland to bay of islands.

So also not entirely inexperienced, this will be the epic voyage for Nick and he has been looking forward to it since before Greg and Connie bought Waiata.

Nothing was going to stand in his way and I understand its cost him a fortune to fly out and back and get the gear he needs for the crossing.

Go Nick!!!!

With just the three of them, Waiata will be running a rolling shift pattern like below

So by the time the three of them arrive in Martinique they will be wanting a good sleep, have spent many a night alone watching the stars blanket them and the Atlantic swell roll under them as other sleep. They’ll have hopefully caught a fish or two and maybe gone for a swim in the deepest pool you could ever ask for (7000m in most places). I’m sure they will have stories to tell for years to come.

Sounds like so much fun and adventure! Good luck, fair winds and following seas guys and I think myself Lucky and proud to call you all family.

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  1. What a wonderful intrepid crew and I know all bar none are taking the trip seriously and with the starting gun getting closer by the hour they are trying to cover all bases as much as is possible before they set off.

    As has been already said Fair winds and following seas and all the very best from Alex and Marian

  2. Best of luck to you beautiful team of three! Living vicariously through your updates 😀

    crew from the Big don’t argue NZ

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