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Boats are noisy, but they shouldn’t be

When sailing boats can creak and groan like there is an old man inside complaining about their ailments.

But most boat creaks and groans, although nothing to worry about should be tracked down and dealt with, either identified as ok and left alone or identified as needing assitance.

Lines chafing creak, bearings that need loving attention creak and groan, salty lines that need a wash creak and groan. Cabinetry that is fixed in a flexing boat creak and groan.

You get the idea, most of these won’t cause you any big issues and some dry lube might make them go away or in the case of lines, just some hot fresh water to wash away the salt. But chafe can be a dangerous thing and should be fixed, head sail halyard rubbing against blocks and causing damage must be fixed.

In defence of the OCD amongst us, tracking down your boat noises and eliminating them, or deciding they are ok, is just good boatmanship.

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