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Coppercoat is worth its weight in gold.

Mind you some would say it costs its weight in gold. But not our experience.

We got Waitata coppercoated in Southampton through a highly recommended father and son pair. They did a great job and charged us considerably less than other quotes we had.

Paul and George (contact us for full details if you want, we would definitely recommend them and have done so already) were meticulous about preparation and application and we are having the up side experience that we had been told by others, Coppercoat can be wonderful or dreadful, it all depends on the people applying it. And as we found out horribly expensive or very good value for money, it all depends on the people applying it.

Now in the Mediterranean seas for over a year, I am spending the odd hour here and there scrubbing our hull and its coming up gorgeous. Makes for a cool afternoon job in the hot weather and the soft growth just peels off the hull.

If your cruising and need to extend your haulout schedule…..

Coppercoat is worth its weight in gold. Just make sure you find someone to apply it that is also worth their weight in gold.

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