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Fuel Dock etiquette

We are always amazed at how some boats in an exceptionally busy fuel dock, hang around and spend forever getting themselves sorted, buying icecream or even heading into town to do shopping.

When at a fuel dock, your at a constrained resource, get yourself on and off as efficiently as you can making sure you take the time to take care of your own needs, but also being respectful of others needs.

Waiata has big fuel tanks and it can take a little while to fill them, but we are usually heading off the dock within a minute of completing the payment for the fuel, its not hard and there is almost always someone waiting out in the bay burning diesel.

Do be mindful to take care, don’t push off the dock in the middle of a gust, when you could wait a couple of minutes and depart calmly, but do be courteous to your other boaters.

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