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Head south until the butter melts and turn right……

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So what is the first week of the trip going to be like for Waiata and her crew? Well unlike what you might expect Waiata will NOT be heading directly toward Martinique but rather will be heading south toward Carbo Verde islands.

The reason for this is a thing called the “Great Atlantic High”. Traditionally this time of year there is a big High pressure system that sits in the middle of the North Atlantic and the weather circulates around it.

We call these the tradewinds as they are reliable and reasonably steady winds that blow from East to West across the lower North Atlantic.

But in order to get down into the trade winds, the old saying goes, “Head south until the butter melts and then turn right“. This is because the temperature goes up as you head toward the equator and the Carbo Verde island are about the point where the trade winds start to kick in.

Until then the winds will blow down the African coast, south and slowly turn right themselves as they move into equatorial wind zone.

The seas, swell, tends to follow the wind so the first week should, all going well , be down wind sailing for Waiata with following seas and as they approach Carbo Verde both the winds and swell will start to veer right as if ushering them across the Atlantic.

Republic of Cabo Verde – vector map

Whether or not Waiata will stop at the Carbo Verde islands will be a decision made as they approach the islands and based on their timescale and how things are going.

The important thing is New Years Eve in Martinique!!!!! and ensuring your there for it.

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