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How to keep track of Waiata as they cross?

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Waiata will be using a thing called an Iridium GO to keep in contact with their shore crew and as part of that there will be the opportunity to upload tracking information to their Predictwind tracking site.

We’ll be adding that site to the home page of so that the whole world will know where Waiata is at any time and be able to keep up with the gossip one little text after another.

This is a mock up on the home page with the tracking site embedded into it.

They will also be able to send message back and forth with the Shore team so that we can update them on weather and of course say Merry Christmas.

I know Connie will miss actually seeing our son, Alek, on Christmas day but we might be able to actually have a phone call via sat phone for it.

The data limit is quite extreme so if you have a need to say hi for some reason, send that message to and the shore team will make sure it gets through to them, but be aware we can’t send any pictures or video and only small amounts of text. its really really slow to get data to them.

But there will be daily updates on their progress and for the images you’ll just have to wait until they get to the other side and back in 4G contact. As you may be aware their estimated departure had been delayed due to some pretty horrific weather but things are looking good for departure in the next few days with sailing conditions becoming more and more favorable. my plan is to update the page each Saturday (here in N.Z) unless there is some exciting updates or information I get during the week in which case i will pass this on as soon as possible.

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