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Its sometimes the small things that count.

They say, “better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick”, well I can tell you having just had a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, that its not hard to be better.

Today I learned that simple things like sunscreen, sunglasses, rock shoes and gloves can prevent those “smaller” injuries that actually can be a big thing on a boat.

Med mooring, on sharp rocks, with sharp bristling sea urchins, bush and small trees on rocks that might harbour snakes, it might seem to make sense to keep an eye out (pun intended) for the snakes and urchins but whilst doing just this and tying off to a tree trunk….. I got a random branch in the eye and now have struggled to operate just about anything on the boat for days.

Small precautions, like rock shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen, gloves and taking your time, can be more important than the bigger risks you might perceive, it’ll ruin you day if you lose use of an eye (trust me) or a hand because of a cut or can’t walk because of an infected urchin spine.

Sometimes its the little things that’ll spoil your week!!!!

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