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Keep a watch, even when your asleep!!!

Ok, this might seem extreme but its not.

If you are not using an anchor alarm get one now!!!

But more importantly for those moments when the anchor alarm is not going to be enough, get another watch going.

When stern-too an anchor alarm is a bit useless ( I still set one with a 10m radius) because by the time you’ve moved you might already be in trouble in a tight spot. What I want to know instead is if the conditions have changed enough that I should be on watch and possibly moving.

In a tight spot, stern too, I always set a wind alarm on my phone, beside the bed. It hooks up to the NMEA wifi source and will sound an alarm if the wind gusts above a preset limit that I might get concerned about.

Most things you can deal with, if you A: know about them and B: have time to react to them. An electronic watch can give you that warning and that comfort to sleep deeply, knowing……

Someone is always on watch

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