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Noonsite….. what do you mean “what?”

In discussion the other day with some other cruisers the topic of Noonsite came up and their response was “What”. Well.. if you don’t know about Noonsite, you need too!!!! possibly suffers from the lack of an app on the appstore, but as a cruiser travelling to different countries wanting to understand the different laws, procedures and risks you MUST know about Noonsite.

We use Noonsite a lot, in fact every time we are about to change countries we use Noonsite to understand how we depart (checkout) how we enter (Checkin) and what laws we have to be aware of…. Like did you know that you can’t sail into the US under the visa waiver scheme (eSTA) on your own boat… if you didn’t you’d be arriving without a visa and in a little trouble, Noonsite does.

There are many many different examples, in fact in about 8 different countries that we have been too now, including many combination of entry and exit as we have been in some many times, Noonsite has been there to help us stay out of jail (Only the once have I been threatened with arrest and… you guessed it, Noonsite was right with that one, thank you Noonsite).

If you don’t know about go there now and get acquainted.

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