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Take your time with fuel docks.

Today I managed to squeeze Waiata’s fat arse onto the skinniest little fuel dock, but even more alarming was the 1.4m of depth we had showing on the Sounder, which fortunately is forward of our maximum draft of.. you guessed it 1.4m.

The dock had very sharp edges and was not long enough for Waiata and so whilst filling I was a little nervous and keen to get her off the dock as soon as possible.

Starboard tank filled quickly and automatically cut off. Then the port tank did the same and we got her off the dock ASAP as swell from passing ferries made me more and more nervous.

But, here’s the thing, I didn’t check the fuel gauges or any other mean of knowing how much I had actually put into the tanks and …. you guessed it. I now have a full Starboard tank and 3/4 full Port.

The lesson.. Even when you feel under pressure and the clocks ticking. Slow is steady steady and steady is fast. Broke my own rule and had it reinforced to me. Take your time, think slowly and get things done properly.

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