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Accidental Dinghy Fall Results in Dunking in Dubrovnik

After exploring Old Town Dubrovnik, an unplanned dunk into the bay is applauded by locals resulting in a comical end to a great day. Note: beer is involved

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Admiral Goes Overboard

Splash! I accidentally fell into the water today. I was literally fully clothed and hatted carrying a bag full of groceries. I stepped out from the wharf, and totally mis-footed my landing when attempting to board the dinghy. Fully dunked!

My failing coordination and gymnastically challenged abilities were laid bare in front of applauding spectators who could scarcely conceal their laughter and mirth as our just acquired provisions floated to the top of  the sea and I gasped for air treading water that was scarcely a metre deep. It was comical.

Thanks to our fabulous dry bag, most things were safe including two of the three iPhones we were carrying.  Sunglasses and iWatches survived but one cellphone and three just purchased warm Danishes were casualties.  And my adored yellow straw hat is now a little salty and worse for wear.

I was with our visiting friends from England, Mike and Julie.  Julie had just purchased us a sweet treat and was quayside awaiting me to load into the dinghy first, with our groceries. Captain Greg was onboard our dinghy (Waiata Iti) and Mike was holding the shore line, helping us ladies to board first.

Somehow it all went wrong. Mike ended up being pulled into the sea with me whilst Captain Greg frowned on the the dinghy while Mike’s wife Julie looked on, agape.  

Glamourous Julie earns her wine on the lily pad after our dunking rescue

It happened so fast that I’m not sure what really happened. Confession: we were two IPA’s in which were speedily guzzled due to their cooling effect on what was a raspingly hot day. 

Old Town Dubrovnik

We had had a 4.30 am early start due to the wind coming up toward 30 knots and the yacht next door dragging anchor and decided to head into old town Dubrovnik.  

It is renowned for being one of the most splendid and perfectly preserved ancient cities in the world.  Built in the 7th century, it has been perpetually populated ever since.  The limestone land on which it is built juts out into the Adriatic like an overshot jaw 

Old town Dubrovnik church

The massive and sturdy ancient stone walls  were built between the  eleventh and seventeenth centuries.  It is a place that has remained unchanged for aeons.  Parts were meticulously reconstructed after an earthquake in 1667 and it was the scene of intense battles in the 1990’s independence war.  And it is the setting for a multitude of Game Of Thrones scenes due to it’s authentic historical look and feel.  There are regulations that even control factors such as the particular shade of green that one is permitted to paint their shutters on the Main Street. 

Gargoyles and figures adorn most walls

A UNESCO World heritage site, we enjoyed our exploration around the medieval old walled city.  It features everything from greyed battlements to grinning gargoyles, smooth time-warn marble paved stairwells to baroque churches, and perfectly preserved palaces to impressive cupola capped drinking fountains. 

A cherub decorated column at one of the many churches

Onofrio’s Fresh Water Drinking Fountain

Built in 1438, the impressive 16 sided Onofrio’s drinking fountain is just inside the old city walls and fed through an ancient aqua duct system that has worked flawlessly for hundreds of years.  Sculpting work on the fountain was by sculptor Petar Martinov from Milano, while the water feeding mechanism was the work of Onofrio della Cava.  Today it continues to bring fresh drinking water to the populace, offering a free place to fill your bottle with quality water.  And it is one of several other drinking fountains within the walls. 

Karaka – from New Zealand to Croatia

At the port entry side of the old walls we found a ship prow with the word “Karaka” emblazoned on it.  This conjured up memories of home.  In New Zealand the word ‘Karaka’ can mean a laurel type of tree and is the name of a small region in south Auckland. In Croatia however, a ‘Karaka’ is a 16th century traditional ship (known in English as an argosy or carrack) from the era of the Republic of Dubrovnik. 

The prow of a Karaka

The old city is however, uncomfortably crowded with tourists. Dubrovnik is showing off that she is in her prime; a globally sought after bucket list type of destination.  And the old town is a hot spot not only for tourism but also in the literal sense.  A temperature of 34 degrees is even higher within the heat attracting stone walls and it was over 40 degrees to be sure.  

Beer Precedes a Dunking

Whilst water is quenching, a cold beer is refreshing. So we left the old town to imbibe at the Dubrovnik Beer Company, located near the modern Franjo Tuđman cable bridge where the cruise ships dock.

Mike and our Beer guy at the Dubrovnik Beer Company

One perfectly chilled crafted artisan IPA (we chose the Fortunal) became two and then it was back to Waiata via the market, for a planned cooling swim.  

As you now know, an accidental swim happened before we got back to the boat. And the beer may or may not have contributed to the failed boarding of the dinghy. Either way, the highlight of the day were beverage centric, whether they be water or ale, and no lifesaver was needed.

Today’s track is Justin Bieber’s ‘Overboard’

“I’m overboard, and I need your love
Pull me up, I can’t swim on my own
It’s too much, feel like I’m drowning without your love
So throw yourself out to me
My lifesaver (Lifesaver, oh lifesaver)”

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  1. Well, one has either fallen overboard, has yet to fall overboard or speaks untruths.
    Glad that all was well in the end though and the admirals’ spirits remain intact. I’m sure the skipper must’ve had a smile on his face. 😎
    Dubrovnik looks such a beautiful place, a must on the to do list. Thank you showing us a brief tour.

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