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Real time weather apps are worth it

During a storm, when your anchor is dragging or you have the motors on trying to hold your place its sometimes very nice to have a plan.

Which often means knowing what’s coming and when it might pass you by.

Real time weather apps that track weather radar and or lightening strikes can be a huge boon in the planning process.

The other night in a really bad thunderstorm bank, there was a significant break between to lines of thunderstorms, but I was able to see them on the lightening tracking app and even estimate when they would arrive.

Our buddy boat that was looking to come back into the anchorage after the first wave of storms receded, when told “there is another line coming and its just as big” successfully chose stay out in deep water whilst we took the opportunity for a short break before ramping up again in time for the next serious blow.

We also were able to help out our guests with expectations, saying we have another couple of hours before it will die down and all watched as the strikes and rain slowly receded behind us leaving nothing more to come down with the prevailing winds.

Real time weather Radar and Lightening apps on your phone are very help for planning your next actions.

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