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We’ve Updated Our Sailing Plan

The bottom of our website home page has our sailing plan for the next short while.

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It is early Saturday afternooon and already the bassy beat of the local bars and clubs is banging its sound over the waves.

We are relishing the chance to slow down and enjoy Montenegro over the next month or more. The sun is out, and we can feel the start of the tourist season start to pulse. Excitingly, we have friends arriving and our visitor calendar is starting to look rather busy.

You can find our updated Sailing Plan at the bottom of our home page here The captain updates this quite regularly.

Our updated cruising map for the next few months

Following Croatia, our destinations will likely be Italy and Sardinia as we time an arrival into Spain around October.

Budva Marina

Lynard Skynnard’s guitar pumping ‘Saturday Night Special’ came off gthe album ‘Nuthin’ Fancy’. Pretty darn perfect for this particular Saturday.

Saturday NIght Special

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